Friday, February 19, 2010

Poetic Justice : 52 Special Edition

Locked in a cage within myself. Wondering when will I be let free. The decision is up to me. The cage doesn't have any bars so there's nothing keeping me in. I'm locked up within myself. I need to let myself be free. I need to let my mind explore the possibilities. But I'm trapped in this cage all alone. I see no one. I hear nothing. Its only me. What am I to do? There's nothing I can do. No one can assist me because no one has the answer but me. I look up and I see something strange. Something I have never seen before. So I lay on the ground, staring at the sky wondering what is in the sky thats puzzling me? I can't ignore what I see. So I count. One star. . . Two stars. . . Three stars. . . Damn only three stars in the sky?? How can that be? What does that mean? I have no clue. Unless I open my mind and let be free. Oh, ok now I see. One is her. One is him. And one is me. Star one is the shorty that's going to be good to me. Always hold me down, no matter how difficult life may be. Star two is my unborn seed that's going to excel farther than me. Have bigger dreams and exceed in life beyond his wildest dreams. Star three is a wise man with the mind of a champion and the heart of a lion. The cage? My mind. I held back the gift of thought. Now I can be free. I have let my mind explore. I am out of this so called cage. I now see what this life has to offer me. A life of good health. A life of wealth. Until that day comes I will be patient. I now have a peace of mind. No longer am I locked in this cage within myslef.



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